Nipple clamps with screw

Weight: 90 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Two black round nipple screw terminals connected to a 33 cm long lightweight metal chain.

Nipple Twitterz Vibrating Nipple Clips

Weight: 70 grams
Brand: Ultimate Love Toys

The bondage nipple clips now!

Breast chain with clamps

Weight: 59 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Breast chain with clamps.

Nipple Clamps Cock Ring + Chain

Weight: 182 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Two nipple clamps on a chain with attached 3 interchangeable cock rings with a snap-hook.

Breast-metal screw terminals

Weight: 129 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Breast nipple clamps with chain.

Silver Nipple Clamps

Weight: 33 grams
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series

Silver nipple clamp.

Tit Chain Clamps

Weight: 75 grams
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series

Use these nipple clamps for extra decoration and enjoyment!

Clamp set for her.

Weight: 123 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Two nipple and labia clamps by a robust chain linked

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Weight: 143 grams
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series

These vibrating nipple clamps have soft pads so you can treat your nipples nice.

Nipple Clamps with chain

Weight: 59 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

Nipple Clamps with purple chain.