Nipple Pump

Weight: 100 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

Nipple Pump in 2 sizes and 8 different rings.
Increase your nipples and put the rings on it for extra pleasure!

Color : black

Hard Nipple sucker

Weight: 70 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

This nipple-piston, you will have in an instant stiff nipples!
2 Rings are included for free.

Material: ABS (Plastic)
Color : purple

Pink Nipple Suckers

Weight: 187 grams
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series

Looking for something exciting to BDSM fantasies that shape?
Then you found the right product now!
Nipple Suckers. Put this on your nipples and squeeze , you'll be amazed at the results! The new line of Fetish Fantasies allows you to a fun and easy way to try out another light BDSM. Do not wait any longer and get this amazing product today at home!

Color : pink.

Nipple Pleaser

Weight: 74 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

For longer and more rigid nipples.
Approx. 6.5 cm long, 3 cm diameter opening.
1 Pair.

Length 16.5 cm
Diameter of 3 cm

Material: PVC
Color: blue

Nipple Piston Vibration

Weight: 187 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

Vibrating nipple sucker for him & her!
This nipple stimulator simply put on the nipples and the vacuum pump!

Vibration: variable vibration / multispeed
Power: Batteries

Battery: included

Material: PVC
Color : purple

Mens penis ring with nipple clamps

Weight: 43 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Men lust harness.
Consisting of two clamps by a cord with the penis / scrotum ring attached. The penis / scrotum ring is adjustable in diameter.

Total length 150 cm.
Color : silver.

Nipple clamps with screw

Weight: 90 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Two black round nipple screw terminals connected to a 33 cm long lightweight metal chain.
Color : black

Nipple Twitterz Vibrating Nipple Clips

Weight: 70 grams
Brand: Ultimate Love Toys

The bondage nipple clips now!
Black vibrating nipple clamps you can attach easily to the nipple. 1-touch and vibration state.

Length approximately 5.5 cm. Diameter: 2.3 cm.
Weight approx 35 gr. Each

Controls: PushButton
Vibration: Vibration Standard
Power: Batteries
Battery Type: 4x Button Cell Batteries

Battery: included

Material ABS (Plastic)
Color : black

Breast chain with clamps

Weight: 59 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Breast chain with clamps.
This 30 cm. Chest long metal chain gives  both him and her an extra dimension. The nipple clamps with protective covers, which can be optionally removed.

Color: silver.

Nipple Clamps Cock Ring + Chain

Weight: 182 grams
Brand: Sextreme

Two nipple clamps on a chain with attached 3 interchangeable cock rings with a snap-hook.
Nipple clamps with protective cover, which is also removable.
Rings Ø 2.8 cm / 3.6 inches / 5 cm.
Color : silver