Sterling Grey Benwa Balls

The Sterling Grey Benwa balls can move freely and provide intense pleasure and are also ideal for training the pelvic floor muscles.

Glass Ben wa balls

Weight: 110 g
Brand: Pipedream

This luxury glass Ben Wa balls are made of borosilicate glass and designed to last a lifetime.

LELO Luna Beads Noir

Weight: 357 g
Brand: LELO

Luna Beads Noir are sleek and seductive version of the world's best-selling Ben Wa balls irresistible promise pleasure during foreplay and beyond.

Venus Benwa Balls

Weight: 54 g
Brand: Master Series

This beautiful metal benwa balls are a successful orgasm hit.

Purple Ben Wa Balls

Weight: 114 g
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

This Purple Ben Wa Balls have inlaid rhinestones to surprise.


Weight: 357 g
Brand: Lelo

Lelo - Luna Vaginal Balls

Javida Gym Ball Single

Weight: 95 grams
Brand: Javida

The Javida Gym Ball is a smooth hard ball.

Velvet Pink Balls

Weight: 150 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

Lust Ball 3 - trio with silky slip cover!

Golden Balls Vagina

Weight: 138 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys


Ben Wa Balls

Weight: 154 grams
Brand: Pipedream

These are two delightful golden balls, you can bring in your vagina or anus .